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[SNES] Super Nintendo Games Collection [765 ROMS] + Snes9x 1.53
Type: Games > PC
Files: 767
Size: 1.03 GB (1106914280 Bytes)
Uploaded: 2013-01-16 19:59:57 CET
By: Anonymous
Seeders: 287
Leechers: 21
Comments: 23  
Info Hash:
The following torrent contains my collection of SNES roms in smc format. It also includes my personal favorite emulator Snes9x 1.53 (latest version). I have yet to find a game that doesn't work with it. It also has gamepad support ect. 

Please seed!

If you enjoy this torrent, check out my other Nintendo game collections:

 I haven't managed to think of anything that's not in this collection, let me know if you do..

Installing/Using Snes9x:
 1. Open the "Emulator" folder within the downloaded torrent.
 2. Open either or (depending on your OS) with a program such as WinRAR or 7-zip. If you unsure just go with x32.
 3. Extract it's contents somewhere on your computer.
 4. Launch snes9x.exe to start the emulator, make shortcuts if desired.
 5. Go to File-->Load Game, choose the location of your roms, and than choose a game. 

 And that's it! You can now play any SNES game on your PC! You can also get OSX version of Snes9x by clicking here (v1.53), and for Linux here (v1.43).

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